When you’re looking for dentist, you may read online reviews. Unfortunately, folks on Yelp don’t really know anything about dentistry. Instead of choosing a dentist recommended by a random stranger, why not look for one who has earned credentials awarded by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)?

This professional organization, incorporated in 1952, is the second-largest dental association in the U.S., behind the American Dental Association. While the ADA gives its stamp of approval to toothpaste and other products, the AGD can help you find a great dentist. It provides fellowships and masterships, two designations that can tell you a lot about your dentist’s qualifications. 

To receive a Fellowship from the AGD a dentist completes 500 hours of continuing education, with at least 350 of those hours taking place during live classes. Then the dentist must pass an exam equal in difficulty to board certification exams. Not surprisingly, only about 6 percent of North American dentists are AGD Fellows. 

The mastership is an even greater challenge. To become a Master, a dentist completes 1,100 hours of continuing education, with at least 400 of the hours involving hands-on work. And again, the dentist has to pass an exam equal in difficulty to board certification exams. Because of these extensive requirements, less than 2 percent have earned this honor. 

Dr. Williams recently joined this elite list. His love for dental knowledge and passion for his profession is obvious through his activities as an adjunct clinical instructor and student mentor at his alma mater, Oregon Health & Science University. In addition, he is in the process of becoming a Diplomate with the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry.

What does all this mean for you? You know you’re getting extremely high-quality care from a dentist who stays informed on the latest treatment techniques. 

Dr. Williams became a dentist, in part, because of his own experience with a team that rebuilt his damaged smile. This made him want to provide similar transformations for others. Because he wants to give his patients the best possible options, he is committed to obtaining advanced training.

Earning your trust is important to Dr. Williams. As he says in this video: “One thing that we try to do when a patient comes to see us is we try to create a smile that can last a lifetime, and we know that before we can put a smile on their face, a patient has to trust us. And so we strive in this practice to be high on education, in educating patients and teaching them what’s available, and how quality dentistry can really benefit their life.”

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