Dental Tips for Pediatric Patients

Posted on 7/30/2014 by Gregory A. Williams
Young boy learning to brush his teethYour child's oral health is critical. A healthy smile imparts self confidence, helping him make friends and encouraging her to raise her hand in class. Strong teeth and gums make eating a pleasure and ensure that your child is getting the most out of nutritious meals. More and more now we know how closely linked our oral health is with our immune system and systemic health - your child deserves a healthy mouth for a healthy body.

Dr. Williams encourages parents to take a strong stance when it comes to oral healthcare for their children. Starting early and encouraging healthy habits gives our small patients the best shot at a long life of healthy smiles.

When should my child start visiting Dr. Williams?

Dentistry begins with the first tooth, which arrives anywhere from 6 months of age (or earlier!) to a year (or later!). By birthday #1, your child should have had his first dental visit. Not only is this an educational and fun adventure that sets up positive expectations up for future visits, but it provides an important opportunity to create a baseline for your child's oral health and catch any little problems – before they become big ones.

When should I start brushing my child's teeth?

As soon as they cut their first tooth, it's time for tooth brushing. Chances are your son or daughter has already seen her parents brushing their teeth, and showed interest– perfect! Capitalize on your child's natural curiosity and engage her in dental hygiene at the first opportunity. Show her that brushing is a fun, regular event– one the entire family can enjoy.

Prevention, prevention, prevention

The best oral care is preventative oral care– that's why Dr. Williams stresses early and regular visits from children so they can enjoy a healthy start. Besides regular oral hygiene like brushing and flossing, preventative care can involve sealants to protect teeth, or fluoride treatments to give cavity-fighting a boost (especially important in Portland, where water is not fluoridated). With Dr. Williams, your child's dental care is tailored to his or her dental needs and unique set of circumstances– again, an important element in bringing young patients in early.

Questions about the first dental visit?

Please let Dr. Williams or the team know when your child is ready for that first visit! Together we will make it easy, fun, and interesting for your child – this is an important first step on a life-long journey of excellent oral health, and we want it to be a great one!

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