The Benefits of Implants Over Dentures

Posted on 3/26/2013 by Gregory A. Williams
Diagram of a dental implantChoosing between dentures and dental implants, is a huge decision based on many contributing factors. Of course, sometimes dentures are the only option due to finances, but if you're on the fence about it, be sure to be informed about both options. Often, implants are a wise investment. Perhaps the best information one could possibly gather is speaking with someone who's had to choose.

"They fell out when I talked, I couldn't taste my food - in fact, I could hardly chew." Mr. Panko, the owner of a small-business from Woodridge, Ill. remembered. "It was the most miserable time of my entire life."

Implants are quickly becoming the preferred method

Mr. Panko lost his teeth due to genetic periodontal disease. His experience with dentures was a negative one, and he opted for implants eventually. Of course, not everyone who has dentures has a bad experience. Many people wear dentures for years without being victim to any of those negative symptoms. That said, implants are quickly becoming the preferred method for those who can afford it.

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), implants are successful about 95% and there's nearly 50 years of research behind them. So if money and insurance coverage aren't an issue, implants appear to be the best choice. If you consider implants as an investment rather than an expense, then the cost may see, less daunting.
While implants aren't an investment in the sense that they will make you money.

They're an investment more in the way that a nice reliable car is an investment. Implants will last for a long time, and they have the potential to greatly improve your quality of life. If you lose your teeth at a fairly young age, then implants are even more practical. Early onset tooth-loss is something you'll have to live with for the rest of your life, so the more comfortable your solution to the problem is, the better your life will be.

Food is not only necessary for survival, it's one of life's  most simple and integral enjoyments. Without teeth, or with dentures that aren't a proper fit, eating becomes laborious and downright uncomfortable. The best way to avoid implants or dentures altogether, is to take proper care of your teeth. Brush and floss daily, and be sure to visit your dentist bi-annually, like Tigard Oregon dentist Greg Williams. If tooth-loss is already an issue for you, be sure to get all of the information possible before making this life-altering decision.

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