Missing teeth are no fun for anyone. Don’t suffer through another year without a full set of teeth. Instead, get dental implants in Tigard, OR to make this a year to remember.

You have multiple reasons to do this, but here are three of them.

1. You Like to Eat

Your quality of life is better when you can eat a variety of foods. Dining out with family and friends is more fun when you feel comfortable ordering anything you want, instead of hunting for the few select menu options that you can still eat.

2. You Don’t Like Loose Dentures

Over time, dentures become looser. That often means using more and more adhesive in an attempt to keep them somewhat in place. With implants, your replacement teeth will be secure without the need for adhesives.

3. You Want a Healthy Jaw

Without replacements for your roots, your jaw will lose bone density with time. Implants were designed to function as roots for your teeth replacements.

Look forward to more during the new year by getting your dental implants soon. To schedule a consultation in Tigard, OR, call Premier Dental and Implants today at 503-210-9802 or contact us online