Choose From Two Procedures to Fix Receding Gums

To repair receding gums, you can take advantage of two techniques: traditional gum grafting or  tunneling. During a gum graft, Dr. Williams takes tissue from the palate of your mouth or another source to cover your exposed tooth roots. He will help you determine which treatment will give you the best results. Tunneling is a more modern grafting technique.

You may prefer tunneling because it is:

  • Less Invasive – Tunneling doesn’t involve making incisions in your tissue. Instead, Dr. Williams uses a special instrument to “tunnel” under your gums and create space for the new tissue. Unlike a traditional graft, a single stitch is used to secure the tissue.
  • More Comfortable – With no incisions and just one stitch, the procedure is more comfortable. This means quicker recovery with less discomfort and a reduced risk of infection or other complications.

With either procedure, we numb your mouth with local anesthesia so you won’t feel a thing. We make sure receiving anesthesia is comfortable by using a topical numbing gel first. You can also receive dental sedation if you’re still worried about discomfort or are nervous.

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