Achieve Amazing Results With Professional Whitening

You’ve likely been disappointed in your not-so-bright results if you’ve used whitening products from a drugstore. Our professional products offer the convenience of whitening at home, but they work much better than drugstore products. You’ll benefit from:

  • Custom-Made Whitening Trays – After taking impressions of your teeth, we make custom trays for you. These trays make it easy to cover your teeth and protect your gums. The impression process is a snap, thanks to our hassle-free digital technology. Quit struggling with messy strips!
  • Stronger Formulation – Our bleaching gel we use contains a higher percentage of whitening ingredients than drugstore products do, which means you remove deeper stains in less time.

Keep Your Smile Looking Great With Our Whitening for Life Offer

Once your smile is pearly white again, you want to keep it that way. Make it easy by signing up for our Whitening for Life offer. Pay just $79 to get your custom whitening trays and an initial supply of gel. Then, receive free gel replacements by coming in every six months for routine dental exams. It’s a great way to keep your smile both healthy and beautiful!

For teeth whitening in Tigard, plan to visit our team at Premier Dental & Implants. Schedule online or call 503-210-9802 now.