Find the Right Dental Filling for the Job

Unlike some dental practices that offer only one kind of filling, we want you to have a choice. Many factors can affect the type of dental filling you’ll receive, including the location of your cavity. We’ll help you determine whether you should get:

  • Composite Fillings – Since they are made of a tooth-colored material that blends in easily with the rest of your smile, these fillings are a good choice for a completely natural look. Dr. Williams also won’t have to remove as much dental structure for these fillings as he does for metal ones.
  • Gold Fillings – Fillings made of gold are extremely durable. They work well in less visible areas that are under heavy chewing pressure, like your back teeth.
  • Ceramic Fillings – A ceramic filling is the best of both worlds. This strong material is as durable as a gold filling with the cosmetic appeal of a composite. A well-placed ceramic filling will last for decades!

Neither composite fillings nor gold fillings contain mercury, so there’s no need to worry about any health concerns associated with them.

You May Need a Different Dental Restoration to Fix Your Smile

Depending on the amount of decay and the overall condition of your tooth, Dr. Williams may recommend another restoration:

  • Dental Crown – Since a crown covers your whole tooth, it’s the best choice for a tooth weakened by severe decay or other damage. This usually involves wearing a temporary crown while you wait at least a few days for an outside lab to make your restoration. However, with our E4D technology, we can make a crown for you in about an hour.
  • Inlay or Onlay – These partial crowns work well for decay that is too extensive for a filling but not serious enough for a crown.

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