We’ll Ensure Gum Disease Won’t Return

Gum disease is caused by harmful bacteria that gets in between your teeth and gums, creating “pockets” where even more bacteria accumulates. We offer several gum disease treatments for removing this bad bacteria, as well as treatments to help correct receding gums and other unpleasant results of the disease.

Dr. Williams may suggest:

  • Scaling and Root Planing – During this deep cleaning treatment, we remove infected material from around and under your gums (scaling), then smooth out rough spots from your tooth roots (root planing) to discourage future bacteria growth.
  • Iodine or Antibiotics – Applying these substances helps make your mouth less hospitable to disease-causing bacteria.

Gum disease can cause your gums to recede, exposing tooth roots. This looks unattractive, causes sensitivity, and can ultimately cause tooth loss. Depending on the extent of your recession, Dr. Williams can perform a gum graft or use tunneling, an alternative grafting technique that involves smaller incisions and less suturing.

No matter which procedures you receive, we’ll use topical numbing gel and local anesthesia to keep you comfortable. You can also choose to receive dental sedation.

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