You want and deserve to have a healthy smile. Even so, you don’t want to drain your bank account to do so.

We can help with both of those things at our Tigard, OR office. You can join our dental membership club to get services you need at a reasonable rate. 

Call 503-210-9802 to make an appointment at Premier Dental and Implants, and become our newest club member! Here’s why you should.

1. Save on Preventive Care

After a small activation fee, you pay a monthly fee. As a member, you get 1-2 dental cleanings per year and 1-2 exams per year. This includes X-rays (as needed). You will also be eligible for discounts on other services.

2. Skip Insurance Hassles

Handsome man smiling cheerful with a big smile on face showing teeth, positive and happy expression

If you have had dental insurance in the past, you know that they may not always pay what you expect. As a club member, you can get the care you need without surprises about the cost.

3. Choose the Plan for You

We offer three plans. Find the one that fits your needs:

  • Adult Membership – For patients 13 years and older who need regular cleanings and don’t have periodontal problems
  • Child Membership – For patients 12 years and younger
  • Perio Membership – For patients who are in our periodontal maintenance program because of prior gum health concerns

Call Premier Dental and Implants today at 503-210-9802 or contact us online to schedule an appointment in Tigard, OR. Become our next dental membership club member.