Now is the time to schedule your end-of-the-year dental appointment. 

Plan a visit with your general dentist in Tigard, OR. Consider these reasons to call 503-210-9802 today to set up your trip to Premier Dental and Implants.

1. Keep Your Holiday Smile

A professional dental cleaning and exam can keep your smile looking its best for your family picture. Remove plaque and tartar or find problems and treat them as soon as possible. 

2. Don’t Lose Your Insurance Benefits

Many dental insurance plans are good for a calendar year. If you haven’t been to the dentist yet, you are missing out of the benefits you have been paying for all year.

3. Get a Gift to Yourself

You deserve to be happy with your smile. You can make improvements with cosmetic services or rebuild your oral health with restorative care.

To schedule an appointment with your general dentist in Tigard, OR, call Premier Dental and Implants today at 503-210-9802 or contact us online