Fear of the dentist is far more common than many people realize. In other words, you are not alone if you experience dental anxiety.

Fortunately for patients in and near Tigard, OR, there are three steps you can take to feel more comfortable getting cleanings, crowns, and cosmetic care.

1. Contact Us

Call 503-210-9802 or reach out to us online. You can ask your questions about our approach to patient care or you can schedule a consultation to get to know us in person before you make an appointment for care.

2. Take Advantage of Sedation

When you do come in for your initial appointment, make it easier for yourself with sedation dentistry. This will help you relax and remain pain-free.

3. Be Patient With Yourself

Dental anxiety doesn’t disappear in a single visit. However, you will get a little more comfortable as you get to know more about us and how we provide personalized service for our patients. 

To schedule an appointment in Tigard, OR, call Gregory A. Williams, DMD today at 503-210-9802 or contact us online