In business and social settings, an attractive smile is an asset similar to a firm handshake or a talent for making small talk. It can help you make a terrific first impression! We know how important those first impressions are, so you’ll find many ways to improve your smile at Gregory A. Williams DMD.

In our Tigard, OR office we can help you:

  • Keep Your Smile Bright – From coffee to wine, many things can dull your smile. Our convenient home teeth whitening products are stronger than those sold in drugstores, so they’ll give you brighter results. To maintain your gorgeous grin, you can participate in our Whitening for Life program. Pay just $79 for custom-made trays and an initial supply of gel, then you’ll receive replenishments of gel when you see us for your regular exams.
  • Replace Missing Teeth – Since Dr. Williams is such an experienced implant dentist, you have many options for relacing teeth with dental implants, including procedures where you can get implants and teeth in a single day. If implants just aren’t for you, we also offer dental bridges and dentures.
  • Conceal Your Flaws – With options like teeth contouring, dental bonding, and veneers, you don’t have to let iperfections like chips, uneven edges, worn teeth, or gaps bother you. Dr. Williams will help you identify the right solution for your smile.
  • Give Your Gums a Makeover – Receding gums can reveal unsightly tooth roots and cause additional dental problems Dr. Williams can use a gum graft or a less invasive treatment called tunneling to restore your gums’ healthy appearance. If a smile that shows too much gum is your issue, he can remove a bit of tissue to give you a more attractive balance between teeth and gums.