In a few days, your kids and you may be dressing up in costumes in search of Halloween candy. We wish you a happy and fun evening for everyone.

But we also know that the aftermath will likely include a big bowl of candy sitting somewhere in your home. How will you deal with it? And, how you can enjoy candy without cavities and tooth decay?

Our Tigard, OR dental team wants to help with a few suggestions for your family.

1. Share

Before your family’s candy hunt, make a plan of what you will do with your candy. You are likely to have more than you will eat, so why not give some of that candy away. A quick internet search will help you find organizations that accept candy donations.

2. Set Limits

Set a limit on how much candy you will eat at one time. It can help if you only eat sweets after a meal (when you are already full).

3. Have Some Water

Drinking water while you eat candy can aid in rinsing away sugary residue. The particles that stick to and between your teeth can become food for cavity-causing bacteria.

4. Keep Up With Your Oral Care

Brushing and flossing are important throughout the year. However, it is particularly valuable for removing candy bits from your smile. Remember that flossing removes food and plaque from places that your toothbrush can’t clean.

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