You have plans to meet a friend for dinner. You are looking forward to catching up, but you are less excited about the meal.

Your concern has nothing to do with the food. Instead, you are worried about your dentures. You worry that they will slide around when you speak or when you try to eat. You can see yourself now hunting through the menu looking for soft foods and soups. That’s not what you want, but those are things you know that you can eat without your restoration shifting around.

You can change that. Come to Gregory A. Williams, DMD in Tigard, OR. You can get dental implants to keep your dentures secure and stable.

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Dentures Have Limitations

Teeth replacements have improved quite a bit throughout the course of human history. At one time, people tried using seashells, stones, animal teeth, and bones as substitutes for lost teeth. Dentures used to be made with ivory and teeth removed from the deceased.

Today restorations are made with a variety of ceramic materials that match the appearance of teeth. However, standard dentures still work pretty much like they always have. They rest over your gums.

Without roots, your dentures are going to move around. That can cause irritation to your gums. It also can be frustrating and embarrassing depending on when your “teeth” move.

Many people will attempt to use denture adhesives to keep their restorations in place. This is at best a temporary fix, and it still doesn’t prevent your teeth from sliding completely. That’s why you can’t bite and chew as well with dentures as you could with natural teeth.

Besides, the adhesives can interfere with the taste of your food. So, even when you can eat things, you may not enjoy them as much as you would like.

Feel Like You Have Real Teeth Again

Modern dental implants, which were first developed in the 1960s, were a big leap forward in terms of teeth replacement. They were the first effective substitutes for the roots of missing teeth.

Implants are placed directly into your jawbone. This allows them to do some important things for you:

  • They act as an anchor for your dentures – Since implants are placed in your jaw, they work together to keep your dentures firmly in place. This prevents the slipping and sliding that can occur with dentures alone.
  • They let you put more power in your bite – Because they create a direct connection between your jawbone and your replacement teeth, implants allow you to generate more force when you bite and chew. From a practical standpoint, you can eat as well as someone with a full set of healthy, natural teeth.
  • They prevent bone loss in your jaw – When you had your teeth, your roots provided stimulation to encourage new bone growth, which is necessary to replace bone tissue that is resorbed by your body. Implants replicate that stimulation, which is not something that dentures can do on their own.

Start Eating Without Worry

Next time you want to dine out, feel confident that you can order anything from the menu. Get dental implants to make your dentures or dental bridge feel and function like real teeth.

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