You’ve just enjoyed a holiday gathering with your family. You relished the opportunity to catch up with your loved ones and to celebrate something positive this year.

One thing would have made it even better, however. If only you could have eaten anything you wanted. Sure you enjoyed the mashed potatoes, but you really wanted some ham or turkey, some corn on the cob, maybe some peanut brittle, too.

Your dentures make eating those things difficult if not impossible.

You might not be able to change anything this year, but things could be different by next Thanksgiving. If you get dental implants, you could be biting and chewing as well as you could when you have a full set of healthy teeth.

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It’s About More Than Looks

Your replacement teeth should do more than just restore your smile. To paraphrase a common saying, if it looks like teeth, it should act like teeth as well. With dental implants, your restoration can look natural and function as well as the real thing.

That means you should be able to:

  • Smile with confidence
  • Speak without worrying about dentures sliding around
  • Bite into anything you want to eat
  • Chew without it feeling like a chore

The right teeth replacements don’t just complete your smile. They look, feel, and function as well as natural teeth. By getting implants, you can feel like you did before you lost your teeth.

Put Power Into Your Replacements

People who have traditional dentures are missing something vital to their quality of life and long-term health. They are only able to generate a fraction of the biting power they could before they lost their teeth. This is why biting into something like an apple or chewing a bite of steak can seem challenging when you have dentures.

The problem is that your dentures rest outside your gums, which makes them likely to slide around. Denture adhesives can help, but this only provides a limited benefit.

To restore the power of your bite, you need to replace the roots of your teeth. This is exactly what dental implants are designed to do. Your implants are placed directly in your jawbone. Your jaw bonds to your implants to hold them securely in place.

The implants then provide a stable support system for your dentures. This also creates a direct connection between your jaw and your dentures. As you heal, your bite force becomes practically as strong as what it was before your teeth went missing. This allows you to eat anything you would like without the need to adhesives, which can interfere with the flavor of your food.

Complete More Than Your Smile

If you are looking to rebuild your smile and your bite, you owe it to yourself to learn what implants can do for you. You also should ask about the All-On-4®, which can help you enjoy the benefits of implant-supported dentures even sooner.

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