You want your holiday meals to be special. So you are probably already planning what to serve later this month. As your dentist, we hope you’ll include plenty of teeth-friendly foods. As an added bonus, these same foods are good for your overall health too. 

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In the meantime, check out our suggestions for making choices that are good for your smile:

  • Serve Lots of Vegetables – You had to expect to see veggies on this list. They are packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for your teeth – and the rest of you. We know some of your guests may not be veggie fans. Try preparing them in the air fryer. Or serve them with cheese sauces. 
  • Make Turkey a Central Part of the Meal – Many holiday tables will feature a turkey. That’s great, since the meat is filled with protein and phosphorus. Both substances will improve your oral health. Leftover turkey is obviously great for sandwiches. Choose whole-grain bread instead of white.
  • Keep a Pitcher Filled With Water – H2O is by far the best beverage for your teeth. Unlike soda, it doesn’t contain sugars and acids that damage tooth enamel. Water also helps remove bits of food and other substances from your teeth. Unsweetened tea is probably the next-best drink. 
  • Fill a Platter With Teeth-Friendly Snacks – Load your snack platters with cheese, nuts, and raw fruit and veggies. Some vegetables contain lots of water and fiber, which makes them work almost like a “toothbrush” to clean teeth. 
  • Pumpkin Is a Great Choice for Pie – If you’re serving pie, pumpkin is the way to go. It has calcium and magnesium, both of which are good for your teeth. And pumpkin contains less sugar than other kinds of pie. It also won’t stain your teeth like pie filling with berries can. 
  • Cut Starches Where You Can – Starchy food is just as bad for your teeth as sugary food. Try to eliminate starches where you can. Russets have less starch than other kinds of potatoes. Or even better, serve sweet potatoes – though skip the marshmallow topping. Look for less processed options like brown rice instead of white and whole-grain rolls instead of white. 

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