Feeling nervous at the dentist is no joke – especially if it keeps you from making regular visits to your dentist in Tigard, OR. Without regular exams and cleanings, you put yourself at greater risk for cavities and other dental problems. We never want you to feel nervous at the dentist – and you don’t have to with laughing gas.

As this American Dental Association video points out, it will help relax you when you breathe it in through a small mask worn over your nose. You’ll still be able to respond to voice and touch, but you won’t feel anxious. It is so safe, even young children can receive laughing gas.

It’s one of three kinds of sedation we offer at Premier Dental & Implants. To cope with higher levels of anxiety, you can receive oral sedation or IV sedation. To determine the appropriate level of sedation, Dr. Williams will talk to you about several factors, including:

  • Your past experiences at the dentist
  • Your medical history
  • The procedure you’re undergoing

For more information on all of our sedation methods, including laughing gas, call us at 503-210-9802.