Your teeth are far from being “pearly whites” now. You have seen them grow duller and dingier, and you want them to be bright and brilliant again.

All those morning coffees, afternoon teas, and soft drinks have had an impact on your smile … and not in a good way.

You feel self-conscious when meeting people face-to-face because of the condition of your teeth. It’s time to do something about your stains. Revive your attractive smile with professional teeth whitening in Tigard, OR.

The team at Premier Dental and Implants wants you to have the kind of smile you want to share this year and for many years to come. Call 503-210-9802 to make your appointment.

Get What You Envision

Now, imagine how bright you want your teeth to be. That is possible with our whitening options. You can remove deep stains and restore the shine to your smile.

With your white teeth, you can feel better about meeting people in person or on video calls. Instead of feeling like you need to hide your smile or conceal your teeth, start grinning from ear to ear because you love the look of your smile.

Having a confident smile is about more than appearance, however. It is also about how you feel about yourself. When you like your smile, you are more likely to share it. This can make you seem more attractive, more approachable, and more friendly to others. That makes a difference whether you are meeting someone for a first date or a business deal.

By brightening your teeth, you are able to put your best self forward.

The sooner you begin, the sooner you could bring back your white teeth!

Make Your Teeth Bright

Our whitening solutions are easy to use, but more effective than the products you will find in stores.

First and foremost, professional solutions are formulated to be stronger than commercial products. This helps them remove deeper stains in less time than over-the-counter options.

Second, you receive custom appliances to hold your whitening solution. This is more comfortable to wear, and it keeps the whitening gel where it needs to be to provide the most benefit to you.

Bringing back your white smile is only the first step of our plan. As our patient, you can sign up for our Whitening for Life plan. After paying your initial fee, all you need to do is keep up with your regular cleanings and exams. When you do this, you will receive whitening gel at your appointments to use as needed to preserve your new, bright smile.

Put the Shine Back in Your Smile

Everyone should be happy with the look of their teeth. Our team is more than prepared to help you achieve your smile goals, whether you want professional teeth whitening in Tigard, OR on its own or as part of a smile makeover.

To schedule an appointment, call Premier Dental and Implants today at 503-210-9802 or contact us online. Life stains and show off your smile!