The fall is a wonderful time of year in our part of the country. The crisp air and beautiful, and the trees look magnificent as they change colors. The beautiful yellows and oranges and reds are a reminder that things change with time. They also make for some wonderful photos.

You probably would agree that yellow teeth don’t have the same effect on your teeth. If you want a “picture perfect” smile, then you want your teeth to be white and clean. You can revive your pearly whites by scheduling an appointment with Premier Dental & Implants. Call 503-210-9802 today to set up a consultation at our office in Tigard, OR.

The Reasons Teeth Turn Different Colors

The short answer is this: You eat and drink.

Nearly everything you eat and drink lives a little something behind. With every bite and sip you are slowly changing the color of your smile. This is a gradual process, so you aren’t going to notice changes from day to day, but after years of eating multiple times per day.

It’s also true that certain things will accelerate the staining on your smile. If you eat colorful foods, including but not limited to pasta, pizza, salsa, and desserts, your teeth will turn yellow faster. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine, and fruit juices all will add to your discoloration as well.
Using tobacco will make your smile turn colors even faster.

Regardless of the reason for your yellow or dark teeth, we have solutions to bring back your bright smile.

How To Revive Your Smile

When you are ready to do something about the whiteness of your teeth, we can help you decide how you can bring it back.

The first option is professional teeth whitening. This kind of whitening is stronger than the stuff you are likely to find in the toothpaste aisle. Professional whitening has a higher concentration of bleaching agents, which allows it to remove deep stains in less time than commercial products.

We also will make custom-molded whitening trays to fit your teeth. This helps to keep the gel where it needs to be as effective as possible.
Unfortunately, some people are not good candidates for whitening (which is why the American Dental Association recommends talking to a dentist before you use any whitening product). The good news is that we have another way to give you a bright smile again.

Dental veneers are made to fit over the front of your teeth. They can be used to correct many issues, including making your smile look as white as you want it to be. Veneers also have the advantage of being stain-resistant, so you can keep your white smile longer with proper care.

Stay Bright

If you do get teeth whitening, make sure you ask how you can get Whitening For Life, too.
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